Founded in 1983, INSU has been the first fabricated precast manufacturer at its sector in Turkey

Due to developing and growing business branch, INSU started manufacturing GRC precast (Glass Re-Inforced Concrete) as well as its specialty production of “classic” cast precast.

INSU is one of the leading companies in the sector with its well known project applications and R&D works.

Going thru “one to one” works, INSU helps its customers with project & design support as well as pre-manufacturing and application phase.

Having no standard molds, INSU gives you the flexibility of creating your own style and look at your projects with its “tailor fit” production.

INSU has been aiming to maximize the customer satisfaction with its perfectionist look, starting from the first meeting up until the finalization of the project. Quality, reputable work and latest technologies are the priorities.